The company

The company

The company

"Claretta Cerutti" brand is owned by the company GC DIFFUSION with headquarters in Borgomanero. This brand mainly develops CASHMERE collections and other noble fibers such as SILK, ANGORA, YAK and SUPERFINE MERINO WOOL.

The collections are TOTALLY made in Italy by knitting machines and manual wooden frames and developed through an accurate search of materials from raw to yarn to the finished garment.

The members of GC DIFFUSION got in touch for the first time with noble fibers in the 1990s when one of them started travelling for leading textile companies as a manager first and then as an entrepreneur in the areas of origin of the various fibers such as TIBET, MONGOLIA, CHINA, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.

From then on there has been a continuous cooperation with the inhabitants and the shepherds of the various areas enabling an in-depth check of the various fibers through meticulous steps ...starting from the manual check of fibers up to the controls by means of scanning microscopes and electro-microscopes through the offices of HONG KONG and ITALY.

Passion for fibers developed in an entirely handcrafted and manual production by means of manual machines now difficult to be found on the market. Still our company strongly believes that passion and crafts' give added value to the final product and provide the consumer with the real ...ITALIAN HANDMADE

The strength of the craft company is to have created a CUSTOM-MADE ATELIER where customers can check their garments together with the company artisans.

Another strong point in our company is the “ENLIGHT COLOURS PROJECT” which is developed by using colored yarns in stock from the world's best companies and mixing them in colored and ethnic patterns in order to create “ unique” garments that cannot be reproduced.


GC DIFFUSION launches every season a new collection of leather handbags rigorously produced in Italy by Tuscan craftsmen. Ours is a continuous search for materials and leathers in the forefront ... Our collection is made using calf, buffalo and deer skins.

Every piece in the collection is “ unique” . So as for the leather used for ethnic belts and buckles with special designs exclusively made in Italy.

The GC DIFFUSION company has also developed over the years its line of Ethnic Jewelry , trademark GIOIELLI GITANIproduced by hand and partially imported from different countries around the world where it has developed trade contacts such as NEPAL, TIBET, INDIA, CHINA, IRAN, PHILIPPINES and other areas.

Last but not least our shawls and ethnic accessories produced all over India in its typicaldesigns. They are made in COTTON, WOOL and even in noble yarns such as YAK, CASHMERE, ANGORA and MERINO WOOL